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Grow only organic

Nature in focus

The primary organic production of our company is in harmony with nature and its preservation, as well as a strictly controlled, educated, and closed cooperative network that meets all standards of organic production, all to obtain healthy and certified organic food.

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About Us

Quality is our main goal

"Frutorga" LLC was founded in 2015. as a result of many years of organic fruit production on our family farm. From day one, our mission was based on the production and processing of organic dried and frozen fruits that will find their place all over the world with their quality and taste.

1Harvest & Selecting

With a careful and strictly controlled harvest, we are selecting all our fruits to get the best out of them because that is exactly what our company attaches, the greatest importance to - ripe and healthy fruits of organic origin.

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2Freezing or Drying

Our fruit processing in the form of freezing and drying takes place in the most modern processing conditions, meeting all food safety standards necessary for the best quality of our products.


The last but not the least important step is reflected in the packaging of our products in accordance with the needs of customers, all with the aim of mutual satisfaction.

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Perfect climate condition

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Strict control

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100% organic



Dried and frozen fruits

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We have transferred our years of knowledge to a cooperative network of farmers, that our expert team carefully selected and educated according to all organic standards.

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Be in touch

Adress: Novo Selo, 18400 Prokuplje, Serbia

Telephone: +381645851298; +381654135810; +38127340029